Not too long ago, my sons and some students from our student ministry and myself helped a woman out with some basic repairs at her house. Her husband had died a long time ago and for the past twenty plus years, had lived in this small house by herself. she was unable to keep up the repairs the house needed due to her health and lack of money so we decided to give her a hand.

We replaced several broken doors, cleaned out her flower beds, removed all of the trash from her yard and even fixed the lock on her front door so that she would be and feel safer.

But as we worked around her house, she kept asking for more and more things to be done which we were not able to do due to time, money and knowledge. However, I told her we would be more than willing to give her name and information to our church and perhaps someone could come by later and take on the other projects.

But what be began to notice was her lack of gratitude for the work being done. She never thanked our students, gave us water or even attempted to help us. After all, it seemed to us that she believed she was entitled to all of this work and wanted even more.

As we loaded up the last of the trash and equipment to leave for the day, my son asked me if I had noticed her ungrateful attitude. I told him I had but moreover, I’m sure God had noticed. He had given her a gift that she could not afford and instead of showing thankfulness to us and to Him, she demanded more.


God’s word says that all good gifts that we have come from God. Look around your house. Do you have things to be grateful for? What about your house? Your family? Your clothes? Even your friends? Are you thankful for these things or are you constantly complaining for what you don’t have and expecting to be given more?


Make a list of things that you should thank God for and today, take the time to thank Him to them, one-by-one. Pray, “God, I thank you for _____________. You made a way for me to have it and I am grateful for this gift.”

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